Our inspiration.

This year’s team consists of Tom, Dayana, Ralph, Silas, Cecil, and Sarah. We’ll be running our annual astronomy-themed workshop  this week, for an  elementary school in Les Cayes, Haiti.

For our activities this year, we were inspired by two things: a little girl who made a plaster astronaut last year and very earnestly told us it was the first black woman astronaut. Her words made us realize the need to set the record straight and  show the children the many role models who they might be able to relate to. Secondly we all watched the movie or read the book “Hidden Figures”.


So while the week will be filled with experiments and activities about astronomy, rocket science and space exploration, there will be many discussions about the contributions of scientists, engineers and mathematicians from a wide range of backgrounds. We’re curious to see how it will be received.

For previous years’s workshops see the links below.




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  1. I am really glad that the team was able to incorporate discussions on scientists, engineers, and mathematicians from all different backgrounds. Visibility of diversity in those fields is really important in encouraging underrepresented groups to pursue their interests in STEM. Growing up I always loved science, especially astronomy. Despite this, I never thought that I could have a career in the field until I saw a movie where the female protagonist was a successful astronomer. Seeing a woman (even if it was fictional) in that role gave me a spark of confidence which led me to start pursuing a career in astronomy and physics. I hope that the students have gained similar confidence in themselves after learning about the diverse group of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians that you have discussed with them this week.


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